About Us

Special Bolt are UK bolt manufacturers able to fulfil multiple regulatory requirements and have a specialist team of staff with over 150 years of combined experience.
We have the capacity to produce over 100,000 pcs a day on a single shift, By cold forming, hot forging and CNC turning in a wide variety of steels and grades.

Special Bolt currently manufacture Conrod bolts that are installed in Perkins Engines used in the Challenger 2 tank. These specialist components are designed to withstand the forces that occur when these engines produce 1200 hp in the CV12 26. 1 litre diesel engine. Manufacturing and technical capability for the production of Con Rod bolts have been enhanced by taking on 5 of the specialist technical experts from SPS Technologies and also acquired the specialist plant and machinery.

Producing components in standard and bespoke sizes in various materials and manufacturing these in both metric and imperial sizes, from 6mm diameter through to 24mm. We can cut or roll the threads according to your specifications.

Business Sectors

Special Bolt have been supplying into the Automotive for over 10 years. We produce prototypes, production volume fasteners, forgings and turned components. These components are used in powertrain in the contruction of suspension, transmission, turbos and engines.